ADF5355 Low Noise extended Power Supply Board

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€ 85,00
Now is your change to upgrade your Signal generator with the ADF5355 signal syntesizer( 54Mhz to 13.5Ghz) or an evaluation board from Analoge Divices. see Photo's
Your unique change to upgrade with this 4 x low noise power supply. ( 3 x 3v3 , 20uV ripple, 1 x 5V < 20uV ripple and a extra 5V) based on ADM7150 . The unit was specialty designed as an ultra low noise Piggy back board and can be directly extended on the signal generator board.
This power supply will reduce the sideband interference comming from the ordenary power supply that is standart on the board ( but in a BAD design state). it will enhange your carrier signal up to 70dB at a BW of 30Hz !!!
Can be ordered compleet build for € 85,00 , or a bare PCB with modification papers and instruction set : € 17,50

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